Fireball is a modern ceramic coatings range, in which the production uses innovative nanotechnologies. These coatings perfectly protect the paint from micro scratches and possess unique properties of hydrophobicity (water removal) and self-cleaning. They also provide a very good protection against UV rays, environmental pollution and various chemicals. In addition to protection, they bring out the depth of colour, give a beautiful shine and smoothness of the treated surface.

The above table differentiates the properties of Fireball's ceramic coatings. Do not apply the comparison to other brands available on the market.


Please find more information on each ceramic coating below.  All our ceramic coatings must be applied by a Fireball Authorised Detailer. Click on the link to find a detailer near you.


Aegis is the entry level coating on offer from Fireball, it both protects the paintwork and slightly enhances it. It has very good hydrophobic properties and high resistance to chemicals. Its excellent quality and protective characteristics easily compare it to the top products of competing brands. 


Devil's Blood

Devil's Blood is the most hydrophobic ceramic coating in our range. It perfectly protects the paint, and brings out the depth of the colour on the treated surface. Protects the surface against all kinds of chemicals, Devil's Blood is the optimal solution when comparing quality and price.



Silla is a coating designed for additional security against environmental pollution and chemicals. Silla coating can be applied to any other Fireball coating product, to provide additional protection.



Butterfly is a premium class ceramic coating. With advanced technology and high purity used in the manufacture of the material it is extremely hard and gives a deep gloss varnish. It is today the most popular protective coating in the Fireball range.



Dok Do

Ceramic "super coating", whose task is to extract, underline and preserve the beauty of the car. Her incredible scratch resistance, enhanced depth of the paint and beautiful gloss make it second to none. The Dok Do is the number one in the world of auto detailing.


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